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From time to time we will be holding charity matches. These events are open to whomever want to enter. After filling out the application, we will review it and if a spot is available, we'll let you know and give you details.
Please fill out this application for consideration in our events...

Temporarily limited due to overwhelming response. Please fill out soon!

Birth Date:
Current Weight:
Target Weight:
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Why are you interested in participating?:
Employer Name:
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Do you have past athletic experience?
What is your boxing experience?
Have you done any sparring?
Please list all of your past experience:
How did you hear about this opportunity? List names or referrals…
Do you have injuries we should be aware of?
What made you want to help?
If selected, what goals would you like to work towards achieving?
Which fight are you interested in participaiting in?

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the application. Please submit it and wait to hear back from us.

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